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Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Sandcastles is preparing to set forth new standards in securely storing, sharing and transmitting data and intellectual property within the cyberspace --- preventing unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data, which is not only secured by one of the strongest encrypted protocols, but by advancements in how it authenticates and defines how the recipient can access, view, and/or manipulate the data, within the time limit assigned to the data by the sender. Sandcastles issued Patent No.: US 8,359,657 B2

What are the most significant applications of this advanced protection?

This new leading-edge technology can benefit all data distributed to an end user, such as online movies, or the user's own data stored in the Cloud, or on external media such as a USB key.    

Essentially, Sandcastles can be utilized for the secure distribution of all photos, videos, and sound files. It can also be used to establish secure peer-to-peer networks where photos, videos, and sound files can be distributed. In both cases, the owner retains complete control of access rights: when, how long, how many times, etc. the content can be viewed.

Why does Cloud storage require a new protection technology?

All Cloud storage is reliant upon one heretofore unresolved critical issue: that the individual computer user (accessing their data in the cloud) is operating from a computer that has not been hijacked. Therein lays the Trojan Horse. Once a computer is hijacked, the user has no practical way of knowing it. As soon as the user signs into the Cloud, they take the Trojan Horse with them—into the Cloud.

While the user is busy accessing private financial or credit data, or is downloading files of any nature, every keystroke and bit of data they access is being copied and simultaneously transmitted to the illegal recipient—hundreds or thousands of miles away.

No other Cloud technology conducts a security check of the user’s computer prior to accessing their Cloud. This is what primarily differentiates the Sandcastles technology from all the rest.

How does Sandcastles provide superior protection against piracy and hacking?

Sandcastles technology is designed to build a secure environment inside any computer where information can be securely used and where it can be controlled by the provider. This secure environment has many means at its disposal to detect whether it has been compromised. If it has, the information never even travels to the computer and therefore remains secure. This provides an environment that can't be hacked because the information only becomes available once the environment proves to be secure.